Ergonomics and Health & Safety Consulting in the UK and Europe since 1998

ergoworks is a team of experienced ergonomists that helps companies design products, workplaces, and equipment that are easier and more satisfying to use.

Since 1998, we've helped all kinds of organisations get the best ergonomics, including:

  • retailers - that want the best in-store experience, helping customers buy more, more often
  • airlines and train operators - that want an 'in-flight' customer experience that customers are prepared to upgrade for
  • consumer products manufacturers - that expect competitive advantage through producing the most intuitive, easy-to-use products
  • banks - that want not only safe, comfortable working environments, but also easy to manage processes
  • telcos - who want customers to have products and information that are easy to understand 
  • emergency services - that want equipment and workplace design that raises their performance
  • health care operators - that want to reduce errors and improve the patient experience 
  • car manufacturers - that want to apply best practice ergonomics from aviation to sports car driving performance.

Intuitive products and environments are created by design, using an understanding of people, and how they interact with them. This understanding comes from ergonomics.

Ergonomics is about applying the understanding of people - our capabilities and limitations, knowledge of what makes us tick - our expectations, our motivation, what we find satisfying about products and environments.

It's more than just guess work or common sense.  Ergonomics applies human sciences (anthropometry, psychology, biomechanics, anatomy & physiology) to design and technology, for measurably better design.